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Consumer Unit

Installing a new consumer unit When we carry out this work, disconnecting the overload protection and connecting the cable to a new means of basic and fault protection means that we will have worked on all circuits.

We will therefore have to conduct an electrical test on all circuits to ensure that they are safe and will then have to issue an electrical installation certificate before the job is handed over. Any faults found on a circuit will have to be corrected before the circuit is energised. Organising circuit connections new consumer unit in place ready for labelling.

Safety Note Before any work is carried out on an electrical circuit, the circuit must be isolated and locked off or the fuse carrier removed. A sign should be placed at the isolation point saying that work is being carried out and that power must not be returned to the circuit.

It is important to call in a qualified electrician to carry out this work. Building regulations are becoming stricter, requiring that competent persons only carry out electrical work, with most works having to be notified to the local authority.

Modifying the electrical installation in your home could be against the new rules and could invalidate your home insurance, if in doubt check first.

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Consumer       Unit