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Home Audio & Visual

Home Cinema Installation & Design
Welcome to the custom home cinema installation section. We design and install bespoke home cinema rooms either as completely stand alone or part of a wider house system. We source the best audio visual (AV) equipment available to complement your room and satisfy your requirements.
We are experts in home cinema design.
Stunning Sound Systems from the Best Manufacturers
We have access to the best sound systems available - we pick the best elements from different manufacturers to ensure the best possible sound for your budget. We choose speaker systems from Bowers & Wilkins, Artcoustic and PMC depending on budget and room configuration.

Perfect Pictures for the Cinema Experience
The number of display options we can install is huge - we pick the best solution for your room and budget from plasma displays.  We are expert installers of curved and masking projection screens.
Simple to Use Custom Home Cinema Control
Control systems excel in complex cinema rooms - one remote control touch panel replaces a myriad of handheld remote controls. Imagine if one button press could close the curtains, dim the lights, lower the projector from the roof and set the intercom to do not disturb, whilst you settle down to your favourite film.
Bespoke Multi Room Audio Video Design & Installation
Our multimedia home entertainment systems can bring your home alive. Gone are the days of only having a CD collection available in one room - with our audio servers you can do away with unsightly CD boxes whilst having your music collection available in any room - and you won’t be inconvenienced if another member of the household decides to listen to the same source.Radio tuners can allow you to listen to the news in the shower in the morning before listening to a CD whilst drying.
MultiRoom High Definition Video Distribution Systems
High Definition video, such as Sky or DVD, can be available to every room through a minimum of cabling. Different family members can have access to different Sky+ boxes meaning the kids won’t clog your hard drive up and they won’t be changing channel mid-way through your favourite sports match.
DVD players and DVD servers allow you to start watching a film in the lounge before finishing it off in bed.

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